Boundary fencing is immediately required for property protection and stock control.

Internal fencing is one of the less urgent but essential tasks in getting farms back and running. After a fire, there is an opportunity to rethink your property layout such as changing fence lines and review short and long term goals for your farming operation. Whole Farm Planning may assist with this process.



BlazeAid works alongside rural families to help   rebuild fences that have been damaged or destroyed by the recent fires. If   you require assistance please contact BlazeAid   or telephone David on 0419 875 432.


Before erecting internal fencing consider   reviewing your property layout or developing or updating a whole farm plan.   There are two 6 week courses (called FarmPlan 21) running in Moriac and Colac   starting in Feb 2016. Click here for more information. Alternatively send in an Expression of   Interest Form if you would like to have a local course provided.


The Corangamite CMA is currently seeking funding   to assist landholders in waterway fencing and revegetation in the fire   affected areas. More details to follow. If interested please send in an   Expression of Interest Form.


If stock now have access to   waterways, these areas may be a priority for fencing to reduce erosion and   protect any existing vegetation.


Consider wildlife friendly fencing   by reducing the use of barbed wire and making fences more visible in wildlife   hotspots.


The following documents are listed on the Victorian Landcare Gateway website in the fencing section. Click here to access or click on the document heading below.

Repair of fences control lines after bushfire

Repair of fences damaged by bushfire and fire control line rehabilitation policy 2014

Landcare after the fires - Land Class Fencing

Wildlife Friendly Fencing

Wildlife Friendly Netting

Wildlife Friendly Fencing Education Resources

In 2009, the Department of Primary Industries (DPI) produced a report called ‘Recovery after fire. Practical steps for landholders’. This document covers many topics and may be useful.