LCG Fire Recovery - Phoenix Project

02 October 2016

Leigh Catchment Group to deliver the $624,000

Scotsburn Phoenix Project to Scotsburn Fire zone.

The Leigh Catchment Group is partnering with the Corangamite Catchment Management Authority to restore and revegetate the Scotsburn bushfire affected area. The Victorian Government has provided a grant of $624,000 to assist the group to work with affected landholders in Scotsburn.

Corangamite CMA Chairman Alice Knight said that the Corangamite regional Landcare program and the Leigh Catchment Group have already provided much needed assistance and support to property owners impacted by fires last season.

LCG Chairperson Andrea Mason, said “Our Landcare network is a community based organisation which has delivered natural resource and community projects into the area since 1999. We have the expertise and ongoing commitment to deliver this important project into our community.”

The Scotsburn Phoenix Project will deliver a range of programs designed in consultation with the affected landholders, CCMA, local Landcare groups, council, agency and local expertise to provide informative, educational and onground activities that will help restore and create a more resilient natural environment and community in the fire affected landscape. Property plans and environmental advice will inform where activities such tree planting, waterway protection, sustainable agriculture and bushland enhancement are best placed.

A project scope and guidelines will be developed as soon as possible to enable landholders to begin planning.

To find out more contact:

  • Nick McKinley, Leigh Catchment Group Landcare Coordinator, 0455 147 398
  • Jane Bevelander, Leigh Catchment Group Project Officer, 0426 873 202
  • Andrea Mason, Chairperson, 0427 338 482, Scotsburn Phoenix Project

Scotsburn Phoenix Project

Locals welcome the opportunity to help restore the natural environment after the fire.

Attached photo: Andrea Mason (Chair, Leigh Catchment Group), Rowan Jones, Alice Knight, (Chair, Corangamite Catchment Management Authority), Geri Foerg.