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The Leigh Catchment Group encourages all members and landowners of the commuity to become involved with our group. There are many different levels of involvement from receiving our newsletter to becoming a member of the Leigh Catchment Group Board.

Leighway Newsletter

If you would like to hear about our latest news and updates on our groups activities and events you are welcome to join our mailing list. Please enter your details by click it the tab in the right column of this page.

Become a Landcare Group Member

Find your local Landcare Group, membership infomation of your group and Landcare Group Contacts. 

Become a Leigh Catchment Group Member

Project Expression of Interest

Let The Leigh Catchment Group know if you are interested in completing a project on your property by contacting the Leigh Catchment Group via email at or telephone 0455 147 398.


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