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The Garibaldi Landcare Group runs a wide range of activities which have a community capacity building and environmental focus.

We conduct a wide range of environmental activities which focus on maintaining, protecting and enhancing the natural assets in our Landcare Group's region.

We do this through workshops, tree planting days, social events, astute planning and regular working bees on our three project sites at Garibaldi Bridge Reserve, South Durham Bridge Reserve and Hardies Hill Reserve.

The Garibaldi Landcare Group meets on the 3rd Tuesday of every month. Our Group provides a welcoming environment and encourages people people to join our group.

For any enquires please contact Talia Barrett on telephone 0427 279 868 or email  

We now have a Facebook page, Garibaldi Landcare@garibaldilandcaregroup
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Who are we?

Currently we have approx. 20 members, most of whom live around the Garibaldi area, from Buninyong through to Grenville (and a few from Ballarat)
We are all volunteers. Our committee, elected at our AGM in November, consists of 5 volunteer members.

We currently look after 3 areas of public land:
-        Garibaldi Bridge Reserve
-        South Durham Bridge Reserve
-        Hardies Hill Reserve

What we are doing this year?

-        Direct seeding of wildflowers and understorey plants in South Durham Bridge Reserve and Garibaldi Bridge Reserve
-        Weed control across all 3 reserves targeting gorse, blackberries, hemlock and herbaceous weeds.
-        National tree day at South Durham Bridge, approx. 600 tubestock and 1000 direct seed

What’s in it for you?

-      Put your name on part of a reserve if you do the work.
-        Access to free seeds and tubestock at cost price.
-        Workshops including speakers/hands on activities  
-        Information about local flora and fauna
-        Quarterly Landcare magazine
-        Access via Landcare and Leigh Catchment Group for funding and resources for your own property.
-        Networking within your local community

How do we work?

-        Structured working bees such as National Tree Day and 1st Sunday of each month – determined by our committee
-        Ongoing project maintenance is carried out by members on an ad hoc basis individually or in small groups.
-        This year we also plan to trial direct seeding in 2 of the reserves, with individuals taking responsibility for each ‘plot’ at a time that suits them.

If you are not a member already, please select the Projects button.

Latest News

We now have a Facebook page, find us on facebook Garibaldi Landcare @garibaldilandcaregroup
Find us on Facebook


Sunday 15th April
11am - 1pm
Garibaldi Hall, Hardies Hill Road, Garibaldi.
Contact Garibaldi Landcare for more information.

It will be a day for the youngsters, to build a set of nests for native bees, birds, sugar gliders, etc.




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Garibaldi Bridge Reserve

To Join the Garibaldi Landcare Group is very simple, all you need to do is complete a membership form and forward it to the Treasurer along with your payment of $15.00

Here is some information about the group:
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Membership form to join our group:
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